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The demands of Boards have increased with more stringent regulation, requirements of transparency and increasing stakeholder scrutiny and demands. This complexity needs vigilance. The Board and its Directors should direct, govern and have effective control of the company. To effectively carry out this mandate, the Board needs to appoint the right people and get the right skill mix and experience needed by the business.

Nomination Committees call on our services to find them qualified Independent Non-Executive Directors. SPi has concluded board searches for listed and non-listed entities. Our process provides independence to avoid potential conflict of interest.

Boards should regularly evaluate its effectiveness to ensure they operate optimally for the best interest of the company, its shareholders and the rest of their stakeholders.

At SPi, through our global alliance AltoPartners, we offer customised board assessments and measure effectiveness against peers and global benchmarks. Our global Board Practice has access to more than 10 years of experience to ensure only the best service is offered to Boards.

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